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Stay Present In Your Relationship

Juggling life, work, friendships and ambitions with a healthy relationship can be a lot of work. Luvup makes it easier to stay engaged with your lover.

Alerts Help You Remain Attentive

We’ll nudge you when your attention is slipping, and celebrate when things are going well.

What People Are Saying About Luvup

Yoon conner


Simple and fun way to spark a relationship

My wife and I love creating quizzes for each other. It’s exiting to learn and get to know more about each other. I think it’s really cute that we can send each other love notes and love points.



Love this idea for dating

Hard to find apps out there to help once you’re in a relationship - luvup is cute and helps us stay connected 💕

Become Closer With Fun Quizzes

Learn more about your lover by answering Love Quizzes. Share fun facts about yourself by quizzing your lover.

Stay on Track With Your Relationship Score

Your Relationship Score is calculated using your Luvup activity over time. Stay on the ball and keep track of how your score changes.